About Dr. Marroquin

Your Neighborhood Physician
in Waco, Texas

Gerard A. Marroquin, MD

Dr. Marroquin is a Family Medicine specialist with over 30 years of experience offering primary care to families in Texas – from children to seniors.


The American Board of Family Medicine – Family Medicine


McLennan County Medical Education and Research Foundation Program


University of Texas Southwestern Medical School At Dallas


Trinity University

What You Should Know About
Marroquin Health & Wellness

My office is so much more than a doctor’s office. In our hectic world, I want to make appointments feel less like an obligation and more like a visit with a friend of the family. I am committed to giving you and your family a wonderful experience, with warm, concierge-style service.

My practice is the opposite of a corporate medical practice. I am here to guide, educate, and support you for years to come. Contact my office at if you have any questions!