About Dr. Marroquin

Your Neighborhood Physician
in Waco, Texas

Gerard A. Marroquin, MD

Dr. Marroquin is a Family Medicine specialist with over 30 years of experience offering primary care to families in Texas – from children to seniors.


The American Board of Family Medicine – Family Medicine


McLennan County Medical Education and Research Foundation Program


University of Texas Southwestern Medical School At Dallas


Trinity University

What You Should Know About
Marroquin Health & Wellness

My office is so much more than a doctor’s office. In our hectic world, I want to make appointments feel less like an obligation and more like a visit with a friend of the family. I am committed to giving you and your family a wonderful experience, with warm, concierge-style service.

My practice is the opposite of a corporate medical practice. I am here to guide, educate, and support you for years to come. Contact my office at if you have any questions!

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Marroquin since 2010, and he has always been there for me in a heartbeat. When I had Covid in the early days, no one knew exactly what to expect, but Dr. Marroquin told me what to look out for, what to do, and checked up on me several times a day until I was better. He’s one of the most genuinely caring physicians I have ever known.”

Ted T.